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25 Dec 2017

Recently I’ve got a brand new household printer, tried all the function and it served well. Before purchase, I did a lot of homework of how can I get the perfect printer for me. Here I will share several suggestions on purchase guide.

Have a head for your mind

You need to have a clear idea of what your going-to-buy printer used for. Different use leads you to different ways to purchase. If you just need a household printer with small amount prints, you’d better choose inkjet printer rather than laser printer. Moreover, printers in the current market have very definite positioning, like printers for students, or office use. So before you add one to cart, at least the what types are suitable for...

11 Sep 2017
When my love HP laser Jet pro 200 color MFP M276 was broken down, It seems very difficult for me to find another durable HP 131A toner cartridge. I really don't want to buy the original consumables for my printers, one thing is the prices is too high for me to afford it, the other thing is that I am office worker from metropolis and the higher living costs force me to choose products with high quality and an inexpensive price, and this toner cartridge selection is no exception too.

But the process of seeking a favorable compatible HP 131a toner cartridge is hard. I had tried twice buy this type from amazon, but they utterly let me down for their poor printing, and many problems arising when I just used several times, which not only...

29 Jun 2017

Original Toner cartridge brand list:

1. HP HP Toner Cartridge - China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. PC Top Ten Brands, Top Ten Brands of Brands, Top Ten Brands of Printer, US Information Technology, One of Fortune 500 Companies, One of the World's Largest IT Companies One of the largest technology companies, the world's leading computer and office equipment manufacturers.

2. Canon Canon Toner Cartridge - Canon (China) Co., Canon Canon, the top ten brands of digital cameras, one of the top ten brands, founded in 1937 Japan, the world's Fortune 500, the world's leading production of video and information products Integrated Group, a leading multinational company in the field of optics.

3. Brother Brothers Toner - Brother (China)...